What about mums and siblings?

While the DADEE focus is on the relationship between a dad and his daughter and the importance of one-on-one time together, we definitely do not discount the importance of the rest of the family!  Dads are encouraged to share and implement knowledge from DADEE education sessions with their partners and take a more active role in establishing improved health behaviours and social-emotional skills for the family as a whole.

DADEE is most effective if the whole family is on side promoting a culture of health and wellness, and this is where Mums (or partners) and siblings come in. All family members are encouraged to read through the DADEE program resources and speak with both dads and daughters, to further understand what they are learning in DADEE sessions each week and how to best support dads and daughters in their home tasks.

In addition to this, siblings and mothers or partners are invited to attend a DADEE session and participate together as a family.


“The best long lasting impact of the DADEE program was the parenting tips given to my husband”  - 2015 DADEE Mum

 "I would tell anyone who would listen that I am very grateful the DADEE opportunity came around when it did, we needed it.  You have helped us map out what kind of parents we want to be and what skills we want to equip our daughters with and the skill's to do it.    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you." - 2015 DADEE Mum

"The best impact of DADEE was an awareness for my husband and I that we need to give teaching gross motor skills to our daughter as great a priority as our sons" - 2015 DADEE Mum

"The biggest impact of DADEE has been what seems to be a closer bond between my daughter and my husband. Its been a beautiful experience witnessing my daughters pure joy in spending meaningful time with her dad and the joy that he has experienced in this process too. From my experience, it seems to have bought the family unit closer together (with all of us at times dong the activities, all of us going for bike rides, setting family traditions and letting the kids have a say in this too). Ironically the program has also bought my son and I closer together (spending quality time together when DADEE was on, riding our bikes together, going out for dinner with just the two of us etc ) and also has facilitated some beautiful conversations with my daughter about what has been the focus of the week.  I can not speak highly enough of this wonderful program and sincerely thank everyone involved ,,, it's been inspiring!." - 2015 DADEE Mum

We are looking for dads and their daughters

Are you a dad who wants to spend quality time with your daughter participating in fun physical activities, whilst learning how to improve her sport skills, confidence, self-esteem and resilience?

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