It's like the connection between us, when we hug now, it feels like there's more glue connecting us. (D&D Dad, 2015)
We have seen a significant change in our daughter’s attitude to & willingness to participate in all forms of physical activity. I truly believe this can be attributed to D&D, from the sports skills she has learned & developed, to the time she saw us dedicating to her and the confidence she has gained in her physical ability. (D&D Dad, 2015)
It's made me rethink about how we structure time together as a family and how I try and structure my working time. (D&D Dad, 2015)
I would tell anyone who would listen that I am very grateful the D&D opportunity came around when it did, we needed it. You have helped us map out what kind of parents we want to be and what skills we want to equip our daughters with and the skill's to do it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (D&D Mum, 2015)
She's more resilient…something might happen that might normally be a bit of a setback to her, she'd actually say, "I'm not going to let that put me down. (D&D Dad, 2015)
I realised that I was making some of the classic mistakes. It challenged some of my preconceptions about what I was supposed to be doing and encouraged me to not be maybe as passive a parent as I had been, and try to be more involved. (D&D Dad, 2015)
She found a self-confidence through the program that she has been missing in her daily interactions at school with her peers. This has been priceless. She is less likely to complain about how she has been 'treated' at school by 'friends' and more likely to talk about how she helped out other friends. Her anxiety about going to school each morning has started to subside. (D&D Mum, 2015)
She's much more confident in taking on challenges and much less affected by those challenges when things aren't quite working out. She'll be more persistent at overcoming them, and think about them to try and work out how to make it work, no matter what. (D&D Dad, 2015)
Its given me a lot more awareness of how significant my low activity levels were and how it actually impacted the whole family. (D&D Dad, 2015)
She now talks about doing physical activity at lunchtime…or playing handball or soccer with the boys. She never used to do that. (D&D Dad, 2015)
Sometimes it's almost scary, I feel like, it's like being alerted to the significance of the role (of a parent) and how critical it is. And it's almost like that overwhelming love. It's a burden that's also beautiful because of that, it's so real. I feel so much more in tune with what that relationship means. (D&D Dad, 2015)
It was very powerful. Stuff that I would never even think about… how girls always have pink rooms or pink clothes. And also how physical you should really be with your daughter ...It’s all that psychology stuff that I really enjoyed actually. It has really opened my eyes. (D&D Dad, 2015)
The experience has left a very deep, positive mark, both in terms of something that we've experienced together, but also something that has really contributed to a very strong formation development of our relationship. And that's the truth of it. (D&D Dad, 2015)
As her father, I'd say that the most extraordinary thing in that program, was the empowerment that she got. Not just empowerment through skills and identity, but empowerment she got through a wonderful, new growth in her relationship with her father...[that] opportunity to glow with and through your father as a young daughter was a standout for her with the D&D program. You could just feel it. You could see it. You were living it. (D&D Dad, 2015)
The best impact of D&D was an awareness for my husband and I that we need to give teaching gross motor skills to our daughter as great a priority as our sons (D&D Mum, 2015)
It certainly has provided a very good wake up call for my parenting skills in terms of awareness, and then actual management. We always talk about, as parents, and as fathers, educating our kids from a very early age about the notion of consequences, but I think the D&D program flipped that, and provided me with a very good, long-lasting parental strength, in terms of understanding consequences for my actions or inactions. (D&D Dad, 2015)
The best thing has been the interaction between my husband and both our daughters. He plays with them a lot more and enjoys spending time with them. It has helped our whole family with fitness and having more family time together. Being involved with the D&D Program has been the best thing I could have done for our family. (D&D Mum, 2015)
The big one for me was the ball skills...learning to throw, and catch, and hit, and kick. All those ball skills...I wouldn't know how to teach that. If I found out (she) couldn't throw, then I'd just say, "Well, just throw!“. So D&D was good for her so she knows what to do, but it was also good for me so I know that I can help her with it, to teach her. (D&D Dad, 2015)
Swimming is the one for us where she's struggled with it for years and she found it really hard to put her head under water, and since D&D, even within a couple of weeks, she was really embracing the swimming and she now has fun in the water. (D&D Dad, 2015)
The best long-lasting impact of the D&D program was the parenting tips given to my husband. (D&D Mum, 2015)
We got it warts and all, where we need to be and what we need to be doing and what really our roles are as fathers and what our job is. And that's kind of what I took away from that, is the big picture of doing my role as a father. (D&D Dad, 2015)

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