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An exciting course is now available for primary and secondary education students at the University of Newcastle, to experience the national award-winning Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered research program.

Working alongside a team of internationally regarded researchers led by Professor Philip Morgan, students become actively involved in the delivery of the program in the community and complete a course to become accredited program facilitators.

This unique course is creating widespread research impact by ensuring pre-service teachers graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to provide girls and boys with equal opportunities in physical activity for optimal physical, social and emotional development.

The guiding principles and practices of the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program have been embedded in the EDUC4017 course and enrolment is now available. For further information please see the University of Newcastle course page: EDUC4017

Highest rated University course

Professor Philip Morgan was awarded the University of Newcastle, Work Integrated Learning Staff Member of the Year Award in 2021. Feedback from the judges: "The initiative has received widespread recognition and the course was the highest rated by students studying at the University of Newcastle in 2020. Hundreds of pre-service teachers have trained in the program, creating far-reaching educational and community benefits. Without Professor Philip Morgan, none of this would’ve been possible and we congratulate him on this amazing achievement".

In 2022 the students scored the course 5 out of 5 for Quality of Learning Experience.

Here are some testimonials from previous students:

The course was effective at highlighting some gender specific challenges that girls face and provided useful activities and ideas that I can implement into my teaching and coaching. It was delivered in an engaging way and was the most fun I have had in a uni course. (EDUC4017 Student, 2022)
One of the most informative and fun Professional Development courses I have attended in years. Excellent content that will enhance my pedagogy, but also reinforces my beliefs and actions as a father of 2 girls that have become very independent, strong, young women. (EDUC4017 Teacher attending for PD, 2022)
Really relevant and important content. Well structured and organised (EDUC4017 Student, 2022)
I enjoyed how the “heavy-hitting” and “eye-opening” content was delivered in a respectful and engaging way, prompting meaningful discussions within the group. The course tutor's passion for the program made it easy to enjoy and remain engaged. Also, everyone loves a practical component as an opportunity to get active! (EDUC4017 student, 2022)
I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend such an inspiring/empowering/motivating course. I would recommend this course to any teacher education students, as you learn so many skills that are beneficial to classroom practice. (EDUC4017 Student, 2021)
I thought the course was extremely relevant, engaging and empowering. I was provided with so many insights and strategies that I can take into my career in teaching and hopefully empower young girls to be active and enjoy sport. (EDUC4017 Student, 2021)
Just a fantastic course! The content was so engaging and eye-opening. It was really well run and structured. (EDUC4017 Student, 2021)
Professor Morgan has created an incredible resource and the erudite, passionate, professional and approachable manner in which you have delivered the content has been brilliant. I’ll be recommending the programme to all my friends with primary aged girls and this course to all my uni friends. There are so many applications in both my teaching and personal lives and I can really see this course making a huge difference. (EDUC4017 Student, 2021)
Having the opportunity to work with girls and their dad's in a school setting with a facilitator was a fantastic experience and one I will never forget. (EDUC4017 Student, 2020)
The course was amazing. It allowed me to develop the ability to address gender issues that occur is school and is going to be a huge influence on me when I am teaching in schools. It was incredible to see the program itself in action and to see the effects it had on the dads and daughters. If I could do this course over again I wouldn't stop for a second to think about it!!!!! (EDUC4017 Student, 2020)
The content was extremely insightful, and delivered in an authentic and high-quality manner. I have began to appreciate the teachings of this course a lot more, since it began. I recommend this course to my peers. (EDUC4017 Student, 2020)
Every aspect of the program was brilliant. It's hard to single out one component that I enjoyed over something else. The theory was highly educational & engaging. (EDUC4017 Student, 2020)
The training was very fun and enjoyable. Over the 3 days I had a great time. It was also very eye-opening in terms of the issues young women are facing, particuarly in today's society. (EDUC4017 Student, 2020)
I thought the course was amazing and so life changing... I could only imagine how life changing it would be for Dads and Daughters who participate in the program. I have so many new perspectives of the world now and such an appreciation for all of the work that I know has been going on behind the program. (EDUC4017 Student, 2019)
I have never had a program that has made me so passionate about my career path and I can’t wait to start integrating everything I have learnt throughout the duration of the program, with my teaching philosophy. (EDUC4017 Student, 2018)

We are looking for dads and their daughters

Are you a dad who wants to spend quality time with your daughter participating in fun physical activities, whilst learning how to improve her sport skills, confidence, self-esteem and resilience?

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