The collaboration began with a pilot in London delivered by Fulham FC Foundation in 2019. The University of Newcastle's Prof. Phil Morgan trained program facilitators prior to their delivery of two 11 week programs at a primary school in London, targeting families from lower socio-economic groups. Women in Sport-UK have since partnered with and trained five additional CCOs across three regions of England. These are; 

  • North East: Foundation of Light (Sunderland), and Middlesbrough FC Foundation;
  • West Midlands: Stoke City FC Community Trust and The Albion Foundation (West Bromwich); and
  • London: Fulham FC Foundation and Leyton Orient Trust.  

Register your interest HERE to be involved in the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program in England.

Expanding to the United Kingdom is an exciting opportunity and demonstrates the global relevance and significance of this unique program.” Prof. Phil Morgan

Mike Diaper, Sport England’s Executive Director, said: “We know that we need to do more to help girls and families from lower socio-economic groups get active, and one thing that hinders this are gender stereotypes that can cause families to believe that physical activity is less important for girls than boys. We also know that parents and carers often see their role as helpers and less as role models in encouraging their children to be active. The Daughters and Dads program at the University of Newcastle (Australia) is addressing these challenges, and at Sport England we are delighted to be helping test if this successful model can be adapted to England to support us in our challenge to get more girls and families active"

The program is already having a positive impact on the daughters and dads participating, as well as their wider families. Take a look at a case study from one family here.

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We are looking for dads and their daughters

Are you a dad who wants to spend quality time with your daughter participating in fun physical activities, whilst learning how to improve her sport skills, confidence, self-esteem and resilience?

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