Program Impact - Daughters and Dads UK

Between January 2020 and December 2021, Daughters and Dads was delivered to 392 participants. In April, 2022, Women in Sport-UK produced their impact report, concluding:

“The impact of DADs on the participants and their families was clearly significant and positive – research shows the programme met its stated aim to increase behaviours and attitudes, sports skills and social-emotional wellbeing of girls 5-11 years and increase fathers’ confidence and ability to support their daughters. The programme successfully supported greater levels of physical activity among participants and their families during a time of severe restrictions and lockdowns. At a time when many people experienced uncertainty and stress and family life underwent significant change, the programme brought families together around shared, enjoyable experiences. These positive findings indicate there is significant potential to scale the programme further to reach a wide range of communities in the UK, particularly the most socially excluded.”

Take a look at the positive impact of the program below.

Impact Report: Daughters-and-Dads-Active-and-Empowered-Impact-Report-2020-22-UK2.pdf

Case Study: Middlesborough-FC-Foundation-Case-Study.pdf

Video: Daughters-and-Dads-UK-Impact-Video.mp4

Daughters and Dads Austria

A partnership with Baseball-Schule and the University of Vienna, saw Daughters and Dads adapted and delivered in Vienna, Austria in 2022. The program scaled up in 2023 with funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts & Culture, Civil Service & Sport.

For more information on Daughters and Dads Austria click here.



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