University of Newcastle health program for dads and daughters expands to UK

University of Newcastle health program for dads and daughters expands to UK

26 October 2018

The Dads and Daughters Exercise Program, created by renowned physical activity researcher Professor Phil Morgan and his team with support from Hunter Medical Research Institute, will be replicated in the UK to help low income families in London get active with their children.

Sport England has awarded British organisation Women in Sport a $1million grant over three years to deliver the program in partnership with the Fatherhood Institute, Fulham Football Premier League Club and English Football League Trust. 

The program has been successful in Australia in increasing the physical activity levels, sports skills and social-emotional wellbeing of girls and their families.

“The beauty of the Dads and Daughters Exercise Program is that fathers and daughters act as agents of change,” Professor Morgan said.

“It encourages fathers and father figures to play a greater role in supporting their daughters to develop physical confidence and competence, while at the same time helping daughters develop the social-emotional skills to optimise their self-esteem.

“Expanding to the United Kingdom is an exciting opportunity and demonstrates the global relevance and significance of this unique program.”

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