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We have partnered with community, sporting and government organisations of various sizes around the world to successfully implement Daughters and Dads programs.


Major Funding Partners:

The Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program has been made possible by the generous support support of our partners; the NSW Office of Sport, Port Waratah Coal Services, Hunter Children’s Research Foundation, Hunter Medical Research Institute and Nimbler Digital.


NSW Office of Sport

The Office of Sport works with key sector partners to develop a vibrant and valued sport and active recreation sector that enhances the lives of the people of NSW. The Office of Sport is a public service executive agency related to the Department of Communities and Justice.

The Office of Sport provides leadership and support to the sport and active recreation sector to enhance its performance, pathways and sustainability.

It is also responsible for planning, managing and delivering high quality venues and facilities, sport and recreation development programs, and high-performance sport while ensuring ongoing sport integrity and safety.

The Office of Sport provides an oversight and coordination role for government sport-related entities to enhance coherence of strategy, activities and investments in the sector.

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Port Waratah Coal Services

Port Waratah Coal Services is proud to be an active member of the Newcastle Community and support sustainability and resilience of our community though the Community Investment and Partnership Programme, which delivers $750,000 to the local community each year.

Port Waratah supports a range of different initiatives and programmes which:

  • Deliver value back to the Newcastle community – particularly portside suburbs
  • Address a specific need or opportunity within the community to contribute to the overall sustainability of the region
  • Deliver benefit to many people (not just individuals)
  • Build capacity, skills and/or knowledge with individual and organisations

Between 2013-2015, Port Waratah donated $2.1 million to over 270 initiatives in the Hunter region of NSW.

Since 2014, Port Waratah has generously supported the evolution of Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered from a trial program delivered by researchers at the University, to a multi-award-winning community program delivered by trained facilitators and later sustained in the Newcastle region. Thank you Port Waratah, your support has improved the health and wellbeing of hundreds of families in the Newcastle region and is now benefiting many families beyond our region, across Australia and internationally.

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The Hunter Children's Research Foundation

The Hunter Children's Research Foundation (HCRF) was established in February 1996 to support research at the John Hunter Children's Hospital and since that time has continued to raise much-needed funds for research into children's health issues.

Money raised by HCRF stays in the Hunter to establish and support child health research projects in areas such as asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, sleep disorders and mental health.

To date, HCRF has raised over $1M for research grants and equipment.

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The Hunter Medical Research Institute

The Hunter Medical Research Institute began in 1998 as a bold vision to improve community wellbeing in the Hunter Region and has today evolved into a world-class institute with 1500 medical researchers, students and support staff striving to prevent, treat and defeat a multitude of serious illnesses.

Delivering patient-focused translational research is their major goal, which means seeding start-up studies and fostering a flow of information and innovation back and forth between scientists, clinicians and public health professionals. Attracting top medical specialists and collaborating with other leading institutes and industries helps to fast-track the provision of new and better health solutions.

HMRI is a partner of the University of Newcastle.  In 2013, HMRI awarded $25,000 in funding from the Hunter Children’s Research Institute, to develop the initial Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered trial and introduced the University team to Port Waratah Coal Services, facilitating the ongoing relationship.  Thanks to HMRI for your support and active promotion of the program through your extensive networks since 2014.


Nimbler Digital

Finally, many thanks to Jonathan, Celeste and the team at Nimbler Digital for your most generous support in creating the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program website and kindly sharing your extensive media, marketing and communications knowledge to assist our efforts to spread the word about the Daughters and Dads program.

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Interested in partnering with us to deliver Daughters and Dads programs?


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