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The Daughters & Dads Football program is targeted at primary school girls aged 5-12 years old and their dads (or father figure). The program involves a combination of empowerment sessions and active sessions running for a total of 90 mins each week for 9 consecutive weeks.

Daughters & Dads attend weekly sessions together, focusing on:

  • Rough and tumble play
  • Skill development (e.g., footwork skills, first touch, striking the ball, 1v1)
  • Fun modified football games;
  • Well-being education aimed at developing daughters’
      • Bravery
      • Persistence
      • Resilience
      • Critical Thinking

Dads also attend a 90-minute ‘Back of the Net’ information workshop before the Daughters and Dads sessions commence. Here they learn about the program rationale and structure, the unique and powerful influence of fathers on their daughters, restrictive gender biases which can limit girls’ participation in sport and key strategies to engage their daughter in football.


Despite the popularity of football in Australia, only 24% of Australian football players are girls. A number of barriers exist that can impact on girls’ motivation to play:

  • Many girls lack the basic skills and confidence necessary to participate in football.
  • There are limited opportunities for quality coaching and practice in current junior program offerings due to large coach to player ratios.
  • Many girls (and parents) consider football to be a ‘boys’’ sport and receive less encouragement and opportunity to play in the backyard and at school. 

Daughters & Dads Football addresses these barriers by providing:

  • Intensive coaching and skills practice for girls with dads as their personal coaches.
  • Girls with knowledge of the game.
  • Fathers with key parenting and coaching skills to improve their daughters’ engagement in football.
  • An evidence-based program that targets girls’ social-emotional skills (e.g., resilience, persistence, bravery).
  • Strategies to empower girls to be aware of gender prejudice and how to overcome these barriers using critical thinking.
  • An innovative home program with a host of engaging football-related education and skills practice activities.

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Exciting news! Accredited football coaches can now receive 30 CPD points for attending Daughters and Dads Football Facilitator Training. 

Visit these sites for more information about Daughters & Dads Football NSW and Daughters and Dads Football Northern NSW, or contact Kirsten Smith on ksmith@northernnswfootball.com.au or 4941 7200.

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