What's involved in the sessions?

Education sessions

For fathers, the education sessions focus on proven parenting strategies to improve their daughters’ social-emotional well-being, sports skills and physical activity levels. Sessions also educate about the unique and powerful influence dads have on their daughter and parenting strategies to encourage gender equity and empower daughters against the culture of gender prejudice that exists in many aspects of their lives, particularly regarding physical activity.

The daughters’ education sessions focus on developing key social and emotional skills including self-control, persistence, critical thinking, resilience, and self-reliance. Daughters also learn how to design physical activity sessions at home and become ‘personal trainers’ to motivate their dad to stay active.

 Classic Program Structure

1 Rough and Tumble Play Self-Control
2 Fitness & Physical Activity Positivity
3 Sport Skills Persistence
4 Female Role Models Critical Thinking
5 Challenge Resilience 
6 Home & Family Spirit Self-reliance
7 Community Spirit Kindness
8 Adventure Brave and Daring
9 Revision Revision


Practical sessions

The Daughters and Dads practical sessions focus on 3 key areas - Rough and Tumble Play, Fitness and Fundamental Movement Skills.  Each of these 3 areas have a strong evidence base for optimising the physical and mental health of girls, but dads also benefit!

1. ROUGH AND TUMBLE PLAY is energetic wrestling based activities in a fun and enjoyable manner. Rough and tumble play allows girls to be physically active with their dad, test and practice physical and social skills, take safe risks and use their strength and fitness to develop physical confidence and social-emotional regulation skills. 

Pellis, S.M., & Pellis, V.C. (2007) Rough-and- Tumble Play and the Development of the Social Brain, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16(2), 95-98.

2. FUN FITNESS based games and activities see dads and daughters working together to increase their physical activity and develop both aerobic and muscular fitness

3. FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS are the building blocks required to participate in most forms of physical activity. The Daughters and Dads program focusses on skills including kicking, catching, bouncing, striking and throwing which are foundation ball skills for a wide range of sporting activities. Research shows that children who are proficient in these basic fundamental movement skills are much more likely to be active, fit and have highter levels of physical self-esteem throughout adolescence and adulthood.            

Lubans, et al. (2010) Fundamental Movement Skills in Children and Adolescents: Review of Associated Health Benefits. Sports Medicine 40(12): 1019-1035.

A home-based program provides additional opportunities for daughters and dads to be active together and reinforce key physical activity and social and emotional wellbeing skills learnt during sessions.  Daughters develop autonomy and leadership skills as they are encouraged to initiate and drive completion of the home program.

The Explorer and Weekender formats of the Daughters and Dads program include all theory and practical components delivered in the Classic program.

Program Resources

For Dads

Dad’s Handbook

Contains a summary of the information presented during each session along with activities to be completed during sessions and at home tasks. Activities include goal setting, physical activity tracking and dads only tasks to help build a connection with their daughter(s).

Dad’s t-shirt and drink bottle

For Daughters

Daughter’s handbook

Contains a range of activities for daughters to complete with dad at home, matching each session theme. Activities include sports skill practice, physical activity tracking, words of the week and home challenge tasks. It also includes a summary of the information presented in each session.

Daughter’s t-shirt, carry bag and drink bottle

We are looking for dads and their daughters

Are you a dad who wants to spend quality time with your daughter participating in fun physical activities, whilst learning how to improve her sport skills, confidence, self-esteem and resilience?

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